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Sanyukta Paul (Maniesh Paul’s wife) wiki, age, caste, family

In a post by Humans Of Bombay in May 2021, Manish opened up about how Sanyukta supported him during his days of struggle and took care of everything when he was out of work for eight months in 2008. He also revealed that his first memory of Sanyukta was at a fancy dress competition during their school days. In the competition Sanyukta dressed up as Mother Teresa and he dressed up as Raj Kapoor. They started bonding when Manish started taking tuition from Sanyukta’s mother. Manish wrote,
“My first memory of Sanyukta was at this fancy dress competition in the 3rd grade–she’d dressed up as Mother Teresa and I, as Raj Kapoor. We’d known each other since nursery, but we hadn’t interacted–she was studious & I hated studying.
But when I started taking tuition from her Mom, we bonded. I’d convince her to do all my homework; Sanyukta would happily do it. She was also the first one to know about my break ups!
In 11th grade, once, when she & I were at the theatre, I got a call asking if I could host an event; I used to anchor part-time. I just left her there & ran to work. I thought she’d be mad, but she said, ‘It’s totally fine.’ That’s when I realised I had feelings for her.
So, a few weeks later, I told her, ‘I like you.’ 3 days later, we were official! From then on, I’d go to Sanyukta’s house to meet her under the pretext of studying. Her Dad would tease me in Bengali, ‘Roz roz aa jata hai!’
After 12th, we went to different colleges. Still, we’d meet once a day. I remember telling her, ‘I want to be an actor.’ She said, ‘If you really want to be an actor, you should move to Bombay.’
So a week later, I moved here. While I struggled, Sanyukta backed me. Finally, in 2006, I got a full-time job as an RJ. So, I told Sanyukta, ‘Let’s get married!’ We had a big fat Punjabi-Bengali wedding.
After moving in with me, Sanyukta took up a job as a teacher; I was juggling my job & a few anchoring assignments. We barely got any time together, but she never complained… not once.
Then in 2008, I was jobless for a year–I didn’t even have the money to pay the house rent. But, Sanyukta took care of everything. She’d say, ‘Be patient–you’ll get a great opportunity soon.’
And a year later, it did; I bagged a TV serial. Things started picking up–I went on to do reality shows & award nights. In 2011, we had a daughter & in 2016, a son. Finally I’m in a place where I can take time out for Sanyukta & my kids. And it’s a rule that I don’t talk about work on the dinner table.
Sometimes, I wonder how I got so lucky? Without Sanyukta, I’d probably still be wondering what to do with my life. Or worse–failed my 10th grade! I am where I am only because of her.”

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