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Sudhir Suri: Wiki, Bio, AgeWife, Son, Death, Jail, Killers, Controversy, Police, Home

Sudhir Suri: Wife, Son, Facebook Live, Death, Killers, Early life, Controversies, Canada-gangster, Home: Sudhir Kumar Suri, the head of the Shiv Sena in Punjab, was well-known for his divisive Hindu deeds and hate speech in Punjab. On November 4, 2022, he was assassinated by a shopkeeper while he was staging a protest against the Amritsar temple. He was accused of making a hate speech in 2019 that was targeted toward Sikh women. Then later he was renowned for opposing pro-Khalistan sentiment as well. He has been shielded by the government while engaging in a number of contentious actions.

Sudhir Suri

Sudhi Suri Age & Wife

Regarding his private life, we are in the dark. His wife’s identity is unknown. We believe he was born in Punjab’s Amritsar. Shiv Sena Punjab, an Indian political party, was led by Suri, a 58-year-old politician. Regarding his personal details, nothing is known. The majority of them are private. When there are any fresh developments about his personal life, we’ll let you know.

Sudhir Suri Son

Paras, Suri’s son, has said that he won’t perform “Antim Shankar” for his father unless the government acknowledges him as a Martyr. He further said that his father lives inside every Hindu in the country. The public is unaware of additional information about his children, just like with his other personal information.

Paras - Sudhir Suri's Son

Sudhir Suri Death

He was executed at Amritsar. When he and other party members protested the Amritsar temple on Friday for tossing Hindu idols in the trash, a shopkeeper shot Sudhir Suri. It happened in front of Gopal Mandir, which is located on Majitha Road and is one of the busiest areas in the city. Although the temple was against the demonstration, Sudhir persisted. The report goes that several rounds were fired at him. The gang immediately returned fire. However, the accused, who was with two other individuals, attempted to leave before being caught by police. They ran to the hospital and carried him there, but he sadly died. Doctors pronounced him dead. A gangster from Canada claims to be the one to blame for Sudhir Suri’s demise.

Gun fired at Sudhir Suri before the mandir

Sudhir Kumar Suri Jail

Suri was imprisoned in November 2017 for promoting enmity between Sikhs and Hindus. In 2021, they again imprisoned n him for his unsupported statements regarding Sikh Gurus. According to The Indian Express, about 15 police officials have been watching over Suri since 2020.

Sudhir Suri Facebook Live

An hour before Sandeep Singh shot him, he was live on Facebook. He was demonstrating in that live where bits of Hindu deity statues were dumped in the trash. He declared, “We will not allow this, even if it was done by Hindus.”

Sudhir Suri Killers

While he objected, Sandeep, the assailant, and owner of a clothes business opened fire with his authorized 0.32-bore handgun. Several bullets were fired, and a number of them struck Sudhir. The DGP for Punjab, Saurav Yadav, claims that Sudhir Suri died in the hospital from his wounds. Sandeep Singh Sunny was arrested by police after being accused of murder under Section 302 of the FIR. The DGP asserts that Amritsar is completely under control. Although the precise cause is unknown, it is said that the killer’s automobile contained stickers relating to the Sikh religion. They should thus be targeting Sudhir due to his anti-Sikh behavior. In a Facebook post, the Canadian gangster Landa Harike claims that Sudhir Suri was murdered by his brothers. He asserted that one’s turn will also come if one insults Sikhism or any other faith.

Police arresting the killer
Police arresting the killer

Sudhir Suri Early Life

Due to the numerous harsh comments he made, he has always been a target. They heckled him in 2014 for offending the Sikhs’ religious feelings. He was sent into custody once more in 2020 for making negative remarks about Tablighi Jamaat. However, intelligence officials claim that Suri never abused the police to hide anything. He was the proprietor of the respected transportation business “Sai Travels.”

Suri on Facebook Live
Sudhir Suri

Sudhir Suri Police

He had around 15 police officers guarding him since they frequently involved him in conflicts. The police claim that they informed Suri that a murderous scheme like this may happen at any time. He frequently ended himself in jail for his anti-Maharishi Valmiki views. Six charges of hate speech were against the Sikh community and he was accused under the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes Act. Deputy Police Commissioner Amrik Singh Powar said that “He had offended religious feelings. No one can accept such behavior in Punjab’s best interests “. The gangster’s hit list contains his name as well. Because of this, the government gave him security. The Police contacted him to limit his public movements. And also they told him not to expose himself to the public for the same safety reasons.

Suri: Police

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Sudhir Suri Information Table

Name Sudhir Kumar Suri
Place Amritsar, Punjab
Born N/A
Died November 4, 2022.
Spouse N/A
Children Paras.
Role Wing-Leader of Punjab Shiv Sena
Parents N/A
Nationality Indian
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Eye Colour Brown or black.
Education N/A
Work Political Party
Sudhir Suri during the protest
Sudhir Suri during the protest

Social Media Accounts

Facebook Link

Twitter Account

Lesser Known Facts About Suri

  • 16 Gunmen guarded Suri, knowing his life was at risk.
  • A shopkeeper killed Sudhir Suri on 4, Nov 2022 while he was protesting.
  • He had several cases, mostly of making atrocious religious comments.
  • He has been to jail many times.
  • He has posted quite a lot of hate speech on social media.
  • The police warned him about his death.
  • He told once the media that he knows his life is at risk.
  • Lakhbir Singh Landa, a criminal lying in Canada, accepts responsibility for Suri’s killing.
  • Sudhir and Yuvraj Singh’s Father had an argument.


Who is Sudhir Suri?

Sudhir Suri was a leader of Shiv Sena Punjab.

When did Sudhir Suri die?

Sudhir Suri died on November 4, 2022, after taking in bullets by a shopkeeper while protesting.

Who killed Suri?

A man named Sandeep Singh Sunny killed Suri. The investigations are still going on.

Why was Sudhi Suri Killed?

The reason is unknown, yet, a lot of controversies are going on. Suri used to visit jail many times for making malicious comments about the Sikh-Groups.

Where was Sudhir Suri born?

Even though there is not plenty of information about this context, Sudhir was born in Amritsar, Punjab.I

What is Sudhi Suri’s Controversy?

Suri was involved in lots of hate speech, which led to the creation of controversy.

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