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The Untold Truth of K-pop Rising Star – Kim Samuel – Stars Reborn

Who’s Kim Samuel?

Samuel Kim Arredondo turn out to be born on 17 January 2002, in Los Angeles, California, USA, and is a singer, easiest diagnosed from performing below the name Samuel or Punch, at the start as half of of the hip hop duo 1Punch at some stage in 2015, although later pursuing a solo occupation. He additionally earned slightly of reputation thru his appearance within the 2nd season of “Earn 101”.

The Wealth of Kim Samuel

As of early-2020, Kim Samuel’s win worth is estimated to already be over $1 million, earned thru a a hit occupation within the tune industry.

He’s launched just a few singles and prolonged plays (EPs), and additionally worked on a solo album.

Early Life and Profession Beginnings

Whereas Samuel later discovered reputation in South Korea, he grew up in Los Angeles – his mother is of South Korean descent while his father is Mexican-American. At a young age, he aspired to a breakthrough within the leisure industry, and turn out to be making public performances at 11 years of age. One of his first appearances turn out to be within the tv ticket “Seventeen TV”, which showcased the boy band Seventeen, and turn out to be a technique to promote them sooner than their debut within the industry.

He knowledgeable below Pledis Leisure, but determined against persevering with with the mission, leaving the company in 2013, within the period in-between growing his singing and rapping talents. After two years, he then grew to change into half of of the hip hop duo known as 1Punch alongside rapper One, created as a collaboration between D-Business Leisure and Gallant Leisure. Their first single turn out to be known as “Flip Me Attend”, they assuredly promoted singles main as a lot as their album “The Anthem” – they showed just a few doable but it completely turn out to be rapid-lived.

일년이 넘게 활동도 못하고 있는데 저를 믿고 기다려 주시며 변함없이 예뻐해 주시는 가넷분들께 정말 감사합니다. 특히 이번 생일은 정말 많은 의미가 있는 생일이라서 제 각오가 단단합니다. 2020년에는 가넷 여러분들과 함께 즐거운 추억을 만들며 좋은 음악으로 보답해드리겠습니다.❤️❤️? pic.twitter.com/2P6ol0LeCW

— KimSamuel 김사무엘 (@ksamuelofficial) January 17, 2020

Earn 101

The motive why 1Punch rapid disbanded turn out to be attributable to One being scouted by YG Leisure, and started training below them, ensuing within the disbandment of the duo. Samuel continued with the crew below the name PUNCH, and launched the one “Spotlight” in 2016, which turn out to be a collaboration with rapper Silento, which proved a hit, they assuredly received a Seoul Song Award in consequence. The two continued working together, they assuredly toured the US together.

In 2017 he started his first steps against a solo occupation, making an appearance within the survival ticket “Earn 101” at some stage in its 2nd season, as a manual for Gallant Leisure. Within the ticket, the general public chooses among 101 trainees representing 54 different corporations across South Korea. Viewers can vote online or thru are living voting, to dangle which among the contestants reside. Indirectly, 11 people might well perhaps be chosen, debuting as the crew Wanna One.

Kim Samuel

The ticket turn out to be very current, seeing spherical 30% of the South Korean neighborhood vote at some stage within the finale. Kim turn out to be one amongst the early favorites within the competition, but turn out to be one way or the other unsuccessful, finishing 18th general., which greatly surprised just a few his followers who enjoy been certain he turn out to be going to originate it into Wanna One.

Solo Profession

Being unsuccessful at some stage within the 2nd season of “Earn 1” didn’t end Samuel’s momentum, as about a months after the competition, he debuted as a solo artist.

He first launched the mini-album “Sixteen”, which had a number one note of the identical name, that includes the rapper Changmo. Later within the yr Kim launched his first beefy album known as “Inspect Candy”, which consisted of 10 tracks, with the lead single of the album titled “Candy”.

He turn out to be gaining just a few attention, and started making waves with the Eastern neighborhood, main him to signal with the promotion firm Pony Canyon. In 2018, he launched his first Eastern single, which turn out to be a Eastern model of his tune “Sixteen”.

He then worked on his 2nd mini-album known as “One”, which featured Jung Il-Hoon of BtoB recognition, and within the subsequent few months worked on his 2nd Eastern single, a Eastern model of “Candy”. One of his latest releases is the album “Teen”, which featured collaborations with Lee Ro Han who had won reputation from his performances at some stage within the 2nd season of “College Rapper”.

Private Life

It’s some distance diagnosed that Kim Samuel is single and like many South Korean artists, he has no longer yet given just a few attention against his romantic life, alternatively, he’s terminate to a youthful sister.

He’s an knowledgeable in Spanish and English as well to Korean. He can additionally play several devices, although he’s particularly knowledgeable with the drums. Moreover tune, he has additionally expressed hobby in acting and pictures He additionally is aware of how one can play golf as his father owns a golf path in California. He frequents the US in general attributable to his household, but his work within the South Korean leisure industry has supposed that he’s in general positioned there.

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